Four decades of
experience affords
expertise and insight

Polpis Capital is a private investment platform that originates, structures and manages sustainable infrastructure investments in partnership with institutional investors. Founded by Eric Silverman, Polpis Capital leverages his nearly four decades of Wall Street experience as a trusted advisor in the development of global energy and infrastructure assets aggregating $250 billion of capital investment.

Our team is recognized
for technical acumen,
industry knowlEdge,
and breadth of

With long-tenured and proven expertise in sustainable infrastructure development and investment, our team has unique experience with important value drivers, including expertise in project development, recontracting strategies, revenue enhancement, asset management and risk mitigation. Our team’s extensive network offers unmatched ability to source proprietary opportunities that may enhance investor returns. 

Our investments
integrate core ESG
principles while
providing attractive

Polpis Capital was established to invest in sustainable infrastructure assets that further society’s transition to a low carbon economy. We believe that sustainable infrastructure is a dynamic, growing market offering robust investment opportunities that will continue to increase in line with corporate and institutional  commitments to improve sustainability, social equity and public health. 

Our mission is to
be a catalyst for
technologies that
promote societal

Our aim is to be respected and responsible as we seek to make investments that will provide our capital partners with superior returns while adhering to our core values of integrity, transparency and a commitment to a low carbon future. Deeply committed to ESG principles, we look forward to serving as a catalyst for sustainable technologies that combat climate change, enhance social equity and improve public health. 


We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other asset managers, institutional investors, family offices and non-profits that are seeking to expand their sustainable infrastructure investment portfolios.